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MaxRoam Invades Hong Kong-Establishes BuzzRoam

ooVoo Taking on All Comers

When Peter Csathy was at the helm of SightSpeed the company had vision and direction that included small business. Now under the Logitech leadership the company is moving mostly in the consumer direction.

Over in NYC, ooVoo is rapidly growing and moving in the direction that SightSpeed was headed until it was acquired. In reading the Reuters story it's almost like someone looked at SightSpeed's redirection, saw a gaping marking opportunity and has jumped in.

Way to go ooVoo.

Hat tip to the Daily Payload.


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Christopher Herot


If you agree with this direction, you should take a look at VSee. It has all the same capabilities (6-at-once video, screen sharing, recording, text chat, presence) and then some (application sharing, remote control) and enterprise-friendly features such as LDAP integration.

VSee is in use by Shell, Aramco, the CIA, NASA, the US DoD and lots other businesses around the world.


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