Me and My Verizon MiFi
Radio Shack Adds More Telephony Toys

Time Warner's New Cable Broadband Terms Explained

Stacy @ GIGAOM has been keeping a watchful eye on the meandering ways of Time Warner Cable and their new user agreement. Basically she points out the flaws in it, giving it a well deserved thumbs down.

Here's who should be upset:




and just about all the VoIP operators.

Add in:






SightSpeed (Logitech)




Oh..yes, just about anyone in the business of real time and fat pipe communications. I guess that includes Google too with Wave, GoogleTalk and more.

Why should they be upset? Because we're seeing the cable TV model applied to broadband communications, something I wrote back on April 14 of this year as a follow up to Stacy's post then.


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