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MobileCrunch has broken a story exclusively about a new Nokia Tablet that runs something other than Symbian. In this case the reported number is 900, as a follow on to the Nokia N810.

As someone who really enjoys the Nokia N810 and whom had the good fortune to trial a WiMax equipped model at the kick off of XOOM last fall in Baltimore I can only relish the rebirth of the amazing Linux based gem of a device.

Here's hoping it really is true.


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Alan Reiter

Hi Andy,

The Internet Tablet 900 looks like a very interesting device, especially with, reportedly, 3G via T-Mobile.

But I really wonder whether MIDs will succeed as a product category or whether they are too "in between" a smartphone and a netbook.

Also, Maemo is an OS for geeks. And although it has a friendly shell, the number of applications pales in comparison to other operating systems. Will consumers see the 900 as an overly big phone, a too-small computer with an exotic OS, or will they accept and embrace the product for what it is?

Even Windows-based MIDs haven't succeeded. My best guess -- the smartphone and the netbook will be the devices of choice for most people....unless there's some killer app that can only be best used on a MID.

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