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My father taught me the impossible we do right away, but a miracle, that takes a little longer.

Until today I had never flown on a WiFi 2.0 enabled plane, though I was a regular flier internationally on flights equipped with the older version from Boeing, but of course longtime readers know that I proved making voice calls is possible when Laptop Magazine Princess Netbook, Joanna Stern and I had a call using Phweet and a Flash based telephony app on her American Airlines flight last summer.

Today I made a few calls, one to my Google Voice account checking voice mail and leaving a message and then another over to Skype's PR king, Chaim Haas of Kaplow PR. Chaim and I talked over Skype first for about 45 seconds and then had another call for over a minute. Clearly I could hear Chaim and he could hear me as well all the background noise one has at 37,000 feet.

How did I do it? Skype of course but to help I used a publicly available VPN, called AnchorFree. Again, no hacking. No cracking. Nothing special. Just regularly available applications.

Even though I didn't sound as clear as one would on the ground, it proves that calls can be made. Best of all, I could listen to my voicemail.

Oh, and I also streamed video over Mogulus.com. My team on the ground and Ken Rutkowski all were watching. Talk about Cloud technology....


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Account Deleted

Hey Andy! Say it with FLOWERS!!! You had done it again, You are VOIP crazy and that's me too, I love your VOIP innovations, keep it on Buddy : )

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