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The Joys of Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Every time I visit my wife's Sacramento property I get to share in the joy of FTTP-Fiber to the Premise  or Fiber to the Home (FTTH) that is supplied by Sacramento based over-builder and telco, SureWest.

In the 18 months or so since we dumped Comcast for the SureWest Triple Play, we've had to call SureWest exactly twice, and both times were simply to configure the router in the house as we upgraded from one older version Linksys to more current technology, experimenting with both Apple Airport Extremes and newer generation Linksys (or what I refer to as Cisco Light.) Candidly, the customer service at SureWest  is so quick to answer, good, and precise, because as one tech said "we don't get many calls because our stuff just works."

Most recently we went to 802.11n, and the delivery has been as promised. The SureWest package we have is 50/50 as in Megs. And when wired to the router, those speeds are achieved, but now, when wireless on my Mac Book Pro I'm seeing nearly 49 megs down and a whopping 53 megs up. That's impressive. What's also impressive is the 12 millisecond ping time to a server 100 miles away in San Francisco.

Calls over Skype and Eyebeam from CounterPath on an Asus Netbook, the 1000 HE (with the newer Intel N280 processor) are telephone quality or better. Conference calls via HiDef Conferencing are crisp and robust. Add on a Polycom Communicator laptop speakerphone and the call is as good, or better, than any conference room speakerphone that's shaped like a starfish.

Fiber to the Home/Premise is the future and for those who have had the good fortune to experience it via carriers like SureWest or Verizon's FIOS know, just how good, good can be.


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