Skype is Trying Hard To Behave
My New Verizon Mobile Broadband Modem is Business Grade

New Apple Wireless Gear Is Very Very VoIP Friendly

I've been using the newest versions of the Apple Time Capsule and Airport Extreme Wireless network devices for about a week now, and all I can say is WOW.

The experience once I cured a slight misconfiguration issue with my ISP (seems if you install as DHCP and connect to the Cox network the MAC address is registered) and that makes it impossible to switch to static without the help of support. Once that was solved the network showed blazing fast speeds. How fast? This fast.

34 megs down/5 megs plus up. On DOCSIS 2.0. I can hardly wait for 3.0.

This is an example of a network in my house that was rebuilt to be business grade. We had a network installed put in all new CAT 5 and CAT 6 as well as new electrical outlets (all grounded.) For the cable that brings the Cox Service to the house the tech from the cable company took time and drove the impedance loss to zero, matching and mixing things until that came along. Most of all, with the new Apple Wireless gear I have 802.11 (A/N) running on my Mac while I can create a second network for guests on the B/5 network.

Those speeds aren't pokey either, running between 5 megs and 12 megs depending on the chip set in a PC or Mac. My Asus 1000HE scores 12 megs regularly.

The hard wire network was also tuned up by my friends Chris McKewon and Steven Fairchild and their team at XCeptional Networks. These are the guys whose crews are masters at hotel broadband, like the Hotel 1000 in Seattle and the Intercontinental in Boston. We're talking EXPERTS in networking and deployment, both wired and wireless, plus VOIP.

When you think of a Home Office set up, you have to go pro. Amateur hour (i.e buying a consumer grade wireless access point) may be good for simple surfing, but when you spend hours working from home, spend the money so earning more isn't a chore. I may have gone to the Extreme edge with what's in mine, but the stats don't lie. Build it right, with proper cabling and equipment and your network can be rock solid and fast too.


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