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Is Apple Outthinking the Mobile Industry?

For those who deal with the mobile industry on a daily basis the idea of "the carrier is the one who makes the rules" would not be a surprise.

But when it comes to Apple, one has to really wonder if Steve Jobs and his crew figured out how to take control, when no other handset manufacturer or software developer could.

This Business Week story got me thinking once again about Mobile Me. Originally, one would have though that Microsoft had designed Mobile Me. It was clunky and didn't really work as well as one has come to expect from anything Apple. Now with version 2.0 out, it seems to be a better product, with less issues and happier users. Imagine if Apple established the Mobile Me platform to work like the RIM Blackberry Server and BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) does, so users could pay the same for Apple's Mobile Me Internationally? Say good bye to high priced data roaming.

Right now I pay an additional $20.00 a month for BES International service on my T-Mobile Blackberry. It would be the same on a dual mode Verizon WorldPhone Blackberry if I turned it on. To use an iPhone or a Nokia with my USA SIM i'd pay up to $120.00 a month for Data Roaming with AT&T.

However, if Apple could strike the same kind of deal with the carriers, as RIM has, then watch the market shift even more to iPhones. With 7 million iPhone's sold in the USA both Apple and AT&T would really win big and the user worldwide would be using more of Mobile Me, than they are now.


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good thought!


Have you seen 'AT&T Virtual Receptionist' on the iPhone? What do you think of it?

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