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The Nokia E75 Is the Phone For Me

One of the phone's I'm looking forward to seeing at CTIA is the new Nokia E75. It has the VoIP stack/SIP stack already in it I'm told and when I saw one a few months ago in prototype stage I was all over it as a replacement for my trusty Nokia E90. Over the last three weeks the E90 was my primary device for phone calls and data, especially in the wine country of France. I don't usually get device envy, but this is one sexy, slim and Andy style device, in any color.

While I have (and love) the Nokia E71, the full keyboard and wider screen just does more for me. Plus with the VoIP technology and Boingo Mobile or when I'm in a hotel with wired broadband in my room, I can use services like Truphone (which like Boingo is a client) or from Vyke or Vopium all of whom have loyal subscriber bases.

The updated Mail for Exchange client is super if you are an Microsoft Exchange user and while it adds an additional cost, means this device may truly be the Nokia Blackberry alternative. In Europe, where RIM sales are far behind Nokias, this means that your mail box and mobile really can be in sync. With the apps that allow you to open and edit Microsoft Office documents on the fly, the expanded keyboard allows for true touch typing, while the closed position Qwerty on phone keyboard allows for rapid messaging.

An app like JoikuSpot makes it a portable hotspot, reducing the need for a 3G card for lightweight data connectivity of a laptop or the need to carry the Cradlepoint to share a connection with friends who need to quickly jump on the net.

Most of all, it's featherlight. You almost forget its in your pocket.


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Account Deleted

Than Andy, I am sure you will love Nokia E55 too, much better than E75, my dream VOIP sleek mobile with thunder battery, I am waiting for the great launch, than we can always forget E71 : (

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