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Orange Internet Everywhere

In France mobile operator Orange has launched a true pay as you go data plan named appropriately “Internet Everywhere” that combines WiFi access to their nationwide network of hotspots with 3G data over their cutting edge HSUPA/HSDPA network.

How it works is very easy. You buy one 3G data USB stick at a mobile retailer, in my case, FNAC. You install the software (note on a PC it does disable Windows and internal on board WiFi on most laptops but that can be fixed easily). They give you a SIM with a French mobile number (which means the service is SMS capable) and two hours of usage credit.

To use the service you simply log on, buy the amount of credit you plan to use over a 15 day period (for me its six hour blocks at 25 Euros per whack) and start to surf.

Of course there are a few caveats:

1) VoIP is prohibited

2) P2P is prohibited (this means Skype)

3) No streaming.

I can live with this as I can find other access where I can do all that.

For me, this is web and email, some IM and that’s about it. Oh, one more caveat. You have to remember to mail in a form by French post, showing your French address. Agian, for me, no problem. I have an office in Paris that receives local mail for me.


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Hi Andy,

I bought the G3+ in France, and I am contracted with France Telecom to use this, so I'm locked into their card. However, this isn't a problem because we looked carefully at what we were buying into and we can mange on the hours we bought. I also have a french address - we have a house near Nimes, so again we're okay there. My problem is that I don't know how to reset the Windows, but now I know thats what I have to do - I can find out how to do it.



Andy Abramson


First, using the card out of France is very expensive. You would be better using a card from 3 or Vodafone, or even T-Mobile as I believe the card is SIM locked to French Orange SIMS.

I would use the built in Windows restore app to the date before you installed it.

As for address, I am referring to a physical address, and you need proof of residing there.

Regarding the WiFi failing. I too saw that, but after I reset the Zero Configuration service under services for the OS (Windows XP) the issue never appeared again.


Hi Andy,

You sound as though you may be able to point me in the right direction; some of the things you said alerted me.

I've bought into the Internet Everywhere and have the cle 3G+. I loaded it onto my laptop before I returned to the UK. When I got back we had several problems -it was soooo slow - that I took it to a computer specialist to look at the machine. The fault code showing on the screen said that we had a problem with the Internet Everywhere and we would need to download another version. The WIFI also stopped working - which I assumed was another (unrelated) fault and I have now bought a plug in WIFI.

You said something about needing a french mail address and here I'm assuming that you mean a french email address. I've been using (or trying to) my UK email address. Any advice ?


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