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Number Two Gets Picked-Thomas Howe To Jaduka

Back in January I crafted my Telco 2.0 scouting report. It included the people whom I felt were the some of the brightest minds in telco who were "available" in the "draft" because the were either not aligned with any one company or they were about to become "free agents" in the same way that college "draft eligible" players are rated along by services like Blesto in football for the NFL teams.

The first person on my list was Martin Geddes. He went to BT Design to head up strategy. The second person on the list was Thomas Howe, the energetic wonderkind I labeled over a year ago as "Mr. Mashup." Now he's been plucked by Jaduka from the "draft eligible" according to pal Rich Tehrani who broke the story today on his blog last night.

>For Howe this is a great opportunity. For the enterprise telephony space his efforts to date have been a part of the winds of change as Thomas is clearly focused on that space and has been for some time. I'm sure this week at eComm, where Thomas will be, will be when he sheds more light on this move, which for him, is back into the executive suite.

P.S. Now that Thomas and Martin are off the list, I need to add a few more names to the pool. The newest draft eligible addition to my list is former SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy, the dealmaker extraordinaire, who by my crystal ball won't be a free agent for long, now that he's finished his transitioning of SightSpeed into Logitech. The second will be Michael Cerda most recently was with Jajah who went there after starting Jangl and saw his VC's back off. Last I heard he's been the EIR at Venrock. While Csathy will get grabbed by a smart company (that rules out most of the telcos) I expect Cerda will go the startup route either with his own idea, cc:Betty, or one he nurtures.


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