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This is more of a fast and quick "observation" note about Vidtel, something I've been trying to play around with for a few months, but anything that involves connecting to my new and improved network here at the house I wanted to wait to do until the team from Xceptional Networks got things to a point where everything is simple to manage.

So far, what I'm seeing, is that Scott Wharton and his team in Sunnyvale have NAILED the concept of phone based/SIP Video down cold. It is simple to install, I simply plugged it into my Linksys Ethernet switch that's connected to my Covad Bonded T1 (3 megs) and powered it up. After a few minutes the firmware update was complete and I was connected.

I made a few trial calls but no one was home. Yesterday I used the service with Counterpath's EyeBeam on the Mac and also was able to update my EEE PC from ASUS (the 1000H) with the software thanks to some friends at Counterpath.

The call to one of the Vidtel tech team was perfect. So were calls to Jim Courtney using EyeBeam.

At first blush, I like what I'm SEEING from VIDTEL. The second box is going to my wife's house in Sacramento. I'm tired of not seeing as much of her when the laptop isn't near her. This will change things....My thought is I guess I'll SEE more of her, more often and she'll see more of me.


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