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IT Expo Numbers Reveal Need For eComm

In sports you have players very good at each position. Think field goal kickers, relief pitchers or goaltenders. To me, that's who the developers are.

The salespersons are forwards, shooting guards, quarterbacks and home run hitting sluggers.

Integrators and resellers are like coaches and scouts. They figure out who does what best, then brings them to the marketplace the right way, just like the coach who knows which players to put on the field, court or ice.

So when I look at Tom Keating's recent post about the breakdown that details the attendees at this past week's IT Expo, I see that the smallest turn out came from two groups:

Developers: 6.2%

Manufacturers: 4.2%

Combined they made up only slightly more than 10 percent of the audience. Let's face it, manufacturers sell through resellers or have built up such a large sales base at this point that they don't see many new faces. On the other hand, since no one from the R&D departments are at the shows the poor developer has to be careful where they spend their money. That's why there's eComm.

eComm has become the showcase for bringing the best and the brightest developers, product managers and marketers of voice apps, services and technology together in one place. The numbers don't lie. They simply support the position that the telephony community knows where they should be, as in essence, eComm becomes a feeder system for SuperComm, IT Expo, VON and Channel Partners, not a competitor. In return the attendees of the other events need to be spectators at eComm not participants while the eComm participants grow up to be on the floor at those events.

Too often its easy to look at events as competition for one another. In reality they each need one another.


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