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I have to say outright, I'm impressed. When I first tried the beta version of Skype 4.0 many months ago, my feedback to Skype was very pointed and direct. I gave them a good dose of "you need to do this" and "that." And you know what. It seems they listened to me and all the other beta testers because the newest version on the Windows platform is amazing.

It has perhaps the best UI (user interface) and UE (user experience) of any multi-mode (IM, voice, video) application I've seen to date. What's more the video experience even on a tiny 8.9" Acer Aspire One Netbook is simply amazing.

Yesterday I did a series of video calls, yes video calls, from the lobby bar of my beachfront hotel here in Miami Beach and every call was perfect. I fired up my GoBoingo client, latched on to the iBahn network, and voila, next came Skype and was I amazed. The set up was fast and easy. The UI looked gorgeous and most of all, the use of it was very intuitive. It was almost "Mac Like."

The only downside. This UI/UE isn't yet on the Mac. I say that because the one on one video was so sharp, even on the Netbook, that I can't wait for it to be doing multi-party video.

If you're a Windows user, the upgrade is free and its a no-brainer.


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Jared Goralnick

Ah, it's here:

I misread your article thinking you were talking about the beta ;-)

Jared Goralnick

I couldn't find the link to it. You'd think it would be here:

Could you post a link or email me ;-) Thanks!

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