My Morning IT Expo View
You Can Change The Leader Overnight, But Culture Takes Longer

First Impressions Of IT Expo East 2009

VoIP is far from dead and judging by the crowds and the rooms that were full of people the rumors of its death are far from over.

I'll be the first to admit that trade shows in general are down, but this year's IT EXPO East in Miami Beach Florida is anything but. Walking the floor last evening I counted over 150 booths, and each one was buzzing with activity. In the hallways people were talking and the symposium/conference tracks had rooms full of people. I stopped by the Eric Burger SIP track, and caught buddy Jon Arnold up at the podium, providing his usual analytical style of insight. Over in the 4G Wireless Evolution event Carl Ford was as usual on the mark, fielding questions, managing speakers and keeping things moving, proving he and Scott Kargman, two buddies from the VON era and the Pulver organization, still have it.

Last night Microsoft Response Point hosted a dinner with some customers of theirs and a group of bloggers. It game me a chance to catch up with Erik Lagerway who has become a Response Point convert. Eric was for years Mr. Anti-Microsoft, but his newest venture is wrapped all around the newest offering from Microsoft in VoIP and it differs from OCS and other attempts in the VOIP arena. Client Junction Networks is also big on Response Point, and from what the team at Microsoft shared with me, it's a product that is really being run like a start-up. They have plans to go up market with it, but for now Repsonse Point is aiming for the SOHO and Small Business customer and reportedly faring very well.

Overall I'm glad I'm in Miami. Not only is the event a success so far, but I'm seeing many familiar faces and of course, you can't beat the weather.


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