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Calliflower on the iPhone-3G ROCKS MY WORLD

As a disclaimer the team behind Calliflower, Iotum, and specifically Alec Saunders and Howard Thaw are both clients and friends for many years. From the early days of Iotum when Alec and I whiteboarded out the strategy in my home office, to their launch at DEMO, the magic of what is going on inside Iotum with the concept of relevance and ease of use has never not been clear to me.

With the release of their Calliflower iPhone application, the Iotum folks have set a new standard in iPhone App user interface, and user experience. Not only is the app gorgeous and easy on the eyes, but it's so intuitive, and simple to use that words cannot give it justice.

This is without a doubt the most simple and most powerful way to set up, manage and participate in a conference call on either the web or via a mobile phone. The UI (User Interface) and UE (User Experience) leaves all other concepts in the dust, even the new VAPPS High Def Conferencing web site, which I am very impressed with.

The reason is this. You can do everything you need from the palm of your hand over EITHER WiFi or 3G. The combined WiFi and voice calling experience is very good, but would only be better with a HD (high def) like calling over SIP on WiFi (ala Truphone) to go the whole distance with great sound and easy call management.

For all the details, here's the press release, but having shown it off the last day at IT Expo here in Miami to a few very much in the know opinionated types, I'm getting nothing but thumbs up from everyone for Calliflower.

One note, using the app on a 2G iPhone (the original ones on EDGE) is not as good of an experience as the data path drops when a call begins.


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