INQ-Coming To America?
Here Comes The FemtoCell

Talk About Stress

The New York Times is reporting on the stress the inauguration is going to be putting on our nations wireless networks.

Let's face it, the USA based wireless infrastructure has been lagging for years. We have what I would label as "good enough" not best in class, yet we as consumers pay top dollar for it. We are not at the cutting edge as a nation, and candidly, it appears under the Martin led FCC, there wasn't a real policy in place to improve the network infrastructure.

When you look at the smaller European countries like Portugal you see a national roll out by PT of 3G, Broadband and WiFi. It is very easy there to accomplish things. The same in many of the emerging nation states in the Gulf region and in the rebuilding nations in SE Asia. France has amazing nationwide infrastructure, and in the ten years I've been traveling there regularly I'm super impressed by the way newcomers like "FREE" and other networks were able to roll out super high speed internet at prices under 40 Euros per month, with every TV channel imaginable and unlimited VoIP calling. And it worked. No B.S. like we're seeing in the USA with uVerse or FIOS.

The reason the other nation states are able to roll new technology out so fast is due to either deregulation or a single, nationwide plan. We lack that.

Hopefully, the new FCC will see what's missing, and help get America back on it's feet, by being on our toes, not sitting back on our heels.


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