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Sayonara Voice Wing

I remember when I first heard the name Voice Wing from Verizon I penned this post comparing it to something related to being sick.

In that post I reported that the service was really a repackaged DeltaThree, so if nothing has changed, then more rough times are ahead over there as Tom Keating points out that Verizon is mothballing VoiceWing. No great loss. I mean, of all the VoIP services out there, I don't think VoiceWing ever had a real big user base that matters. Verizon also never did an out of footprint play in any big way nor did they really market this at all. Instead it was more of a "me too, me also" and mostly a Vonage clone. Which makes me wonder, if they're next on the list of endangered VoIP plays as we all see the writing on the wall with CallVantage from AT&T too.


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It looks like DeltaThree which runs the backend to VoiceWing is changing ownership soon too. Their stock is being bought out by another entity called D4. Wondering where all the VoiceWing customers are going?

If you are looking for alternatives:


Compare VoIP

This was not a surprise to anyone. I think Verizon, AT&T and all the telcos had no sincere intention of destroying their hefty POTS revenue for low margin VoIP. The only one that had incentives were traditional cable operators which enjoyed all the VoIP revenue as new incremental revenue streams.

Compare VoIP

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