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Ringful is So Me Too

Back in 2005 client Iotum went to Demo, captured a Demo god award for Pronto, a conference all and calendar mashup that brought intelligence to the conference calling arena.

Last year client ifByPhone rolled out what Professor Mashup Thomas Howe calls one of the easiest to use Voice API platforms around.

Now I see Ringful has emerged on the scene with a platform that looks so Deja Vu.

They even have the Alias calling that TalkPlus tried back in 2007.

Give me something new (and useful) please. There has to be more than conference calling and Facebook VoiceMail (as if we want another FB VM app)


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Ivelin Ivanov


There are unique features that Ringful brings to the table as far as I can tell:

1. SMS and Voice API working together

2. Conference call management - Start/Join/Leave/Mute:

Twilio is another recent entry to the telco mashup scene. Their unique value seems to be the IVR markup language that is far easier to use than VoiceXML.

The more Telco Mashup APIs the better. There are so many telecom providers that act as walled gardens when it comes to programmatic access. BT was among the few to recognize and act by starting 21SDK and more recently purchasing Ribbit. Let the market forces work towards a tipping point.


Ivelin Ivanov

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