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Over the past 20 months my travel has swelled from now and then to almost every week. It used to be I would worry about how I was going to go so far away and still stay in touch. But that's all changed. Over the past few years I've amassed both knowledge and a ton of accounts that let me stay in touch. Ok, I admit I'm very connected. Maybe too, connected. As a result I've sat down and looked at what I have that helps me stay connected in the hopes that you too can stay connected too:




AT&T CallVantage (2 Lines)

Junction Networks OnSip

Televolution PhoneGnome

Inphonex Unlimited Calling to my SNOM 380s

Skype via a Phillips Desk Phone

PhoneFusion Fusion One

A Jazinga Box connected to OnSip




Bria on PCs

EyeBeam on Macs

Truphone on Nokias, iPhone and iPod Touch

Direct InBound Numbers



VoIP User


Gizmo Project





AT&T CallVantage (3)

Skype (3)

Gizmo Project (1)

Junction Networks (1)

InPhonex (1)

CallCentric (1)

GrandCentral (1)

Mobile Phones USA

Verizon Wireless Blackberry Storm

AT&T Nokia N95 (on a GoPhone Pay As You Go SIM)

AT&T Nokia N95 8GB 3G

AT&T iPhone 3G

T-Mobile Blackberry Curve

T-Mobile Google Android G1

Mobile UK

T-Mobile Nokia E90 or E71 using a Pay As You Go SIM

3 SkypePhone2 (two of them for the company's use) On Pay As You Go SIM

Mobile Internet Devices

Sony Mylo (2)

Nokia N810

Nokia N800

Nokia N770

Apple iPod Touch

Mobile France

Transatel Le France Mobile Pay As You Go

Mobile Spain

Yoigo Pay As You Go SIM

Telefonica Pay As You Go SIM

Mobile Portugal

Vodafone Pay As You go SIM

Global Roaming

MaxRoam SIM

Wireless Data

Mobile Calling Services



3G Cards

3 UK only 3G USB Modem on Pay As You Go SIM

AT&T 3G on a Novatel Wireless 950 HSUPA 3G USB Modem

Two Sprint EVDO Rev A on a Novatel Modem (one used with Cradlepoint to share broadband at meetings)

Two Verizon Wireless EVDO cards used by team members

AT&T 3G inside the Flybook PC

WiFi Access

T-Mobile HotSpot Service

Boingo Global Roaming (2 Accounts)

Boingo Mobile (3 Accounts)

StarBucks Gold WiFi Access

iPass Mobile

DeviceScape logon client Easy WiFi

Digital Camera

Panasonic with EyeFi WiFi SD Card

What does this all mean? It means I pay a lot to stay connected. I'm the exception, not the rule. As a global nomad I've figured how, for a price, to stay very connected and reachable. I've also figured out how to patch together my own network of connectivity in the countries I frequently visit the most. By taking advantage of SIP DIDs, local access numbers, call through services and using WiFI based calling, I use very little local minutes when I roam internationally on a a local SIM, listen to voice mail, return calls, etc. What's more, using local Data SIMs on a Pay As You Go basis means great connectivity at low prices. Add in services from T-Mobile and Boingo and that means my WiFi bills are low. In hotels many that I stay in offer free WiFi or in Europe discounted plans for frequent guests with rock solid Internet Access. I travel with my own travel routers (Apple Airport Express and Asus Travel Router) which means multiple devices over one connection.

I doubt everyone needs as much connectivity as I tend to have, but when you need to be connected on the road, pretty much I've figured it out.


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Pat Phelan

And I thought I was bad.record breaking stuff there my friend :-)
Hope you are relaxing for the holidays.

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