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2009 My Motto Travel Less

I spent more days on the road this past year than I care to count. New clients. New events. New places. The reason. My house was undergoing renovation, and so was my life.

As a type A, Cell A performer, one who give no, and asks no quarter, my philosophy has been go to where you have to be because despite the saying of "there's no place like home" due to never ending community renovations and my own home's improvements, there wasn't a place that was really home.

But that's mostly behind me for a few more months before I begin phase two. And that leads me to my New Year's resolution a few day's early.

Travel less. Video conference and video call more.

The technology has gotten to the point where we really can see each other very well, without having to be in the same place. What's more bandwidth, processor speeds and yes, compression schemes have all gotten to the point where the availability has caught up with the dream.

So in 2009 if you want to see me...look for me online.

Sure I'll still be logging airmiles, going to conferences, and attending events. But for the most part my travel and meetings will be around those key activities, with less point to point travel and more consolidated and concentrated activities in the same market for a few days vs. a day here, and a day there. That kind of travel doesn't do a body good.

So for 2009 look out, watch out and check out what's to be seen. I know I will be.


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