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Time For A SIP of 3G

I've made 3G calls with SIP on my Nokia N and E series phones using both Truphone and Gizmo, but on my iPhone I'm hobbled just like everyone else who uses on (that's not Jailbroken). Sure Fring works with SIP but its also WIFi.

Right now it's time for Steve Jobs to explore more deeply the concept of Openness vs. contractual closeness. SIP over 3G rocks, and that would drive data package sales for the carriers.

I'm not the only person in this camp. It seems Ted Wallingford and Ken Camp are too.


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I'd be happy with a decent SIP client for the iphone that worked over wi-fi. Over 3G would be a bonus.

My issue with Fring is that it makes SIP request from It's servers not the iphone itself.

What I'd like to see is a SIP Client for the iphone that I could use in conjunction with the iPhone's VPN client.

The other thing needed is the ability in the Apple SDK to allow a SIP client to run as a background application.

I'm not holding my breath for Steve Jobs to embrace openness. It would be nice though.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one hoping for this app.

Steven Hsu


I am an iPhone user in Taiwan. Read your blog daily. I love this subject. SIP and 3G are the best combination for mobile communication.

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