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Apple and AT&T are working on a plan to tether the iPhone to your computer. All that means is the already stretched and overloaded AT&T 3G network will feel the strain, but at the same time be the route to doubling or even tripling capacity.

I've tethered my Nokia E71 and N95 using Joikuspot on AT&T's network with amazing results. Given Apples approach to simplicity this lifeline to the Internet will likely connect more people than ever before.


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In the UK this would be an expensive way to connect. To illustrate a typical business bolt on data tariff costs £7.50 for 200MB. A separate datacard tariff on the other hand might get you 5GB for £25.

This is of course the networks' disincentive to use voip on a mobile over 3G but it hits the laptop user that decides not to get a separate datacard.


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