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Verizon Loses VoIP Patent Case, Did Vonage Screw Up?

TechDirt's Mike Masnick has a very to the point post about Verizon being beaten in court by Cox Communications. This reminds me of other cases where companies believe its better to settle than fight, an approach Vonage appeared to have chosen.

Cox fought, and WON.

Verizon pushed and pushed, backing Vonage into a corner. In the COX matter, given how much cash Cox has on hand, and their size, they weren't as easy of a target.

My guess. Verizon goes out and finds another target elsewhere, while appealing this decision to keep the battle going.

The Silicon Alley Insider takes a deeper look, and reveals how the big boys play nice with one another. Comcast and Verizon, who compete head to head have a stand off agreement in place not to sue one another.


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