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Fring Makes SIP Calling Easy With OnSIP from Junction Networks

Mike Oeth, the CEO and one of the founders of client Junction Networks shared some news with me recently. It was the kind of news that I liked to hear, because it showed that imagination was alive. With glee in his voice and a smile on his face he told me they had turned the iPhone into an extension of their award winning hosted IP-PBX platform, OnSip.

How did they do it? Did the build their own softphone? How could I get it? Those were my first questions. Since I’m already using OnSip when I travel this was something great to hear.

Then Mike shared the secret. It was FRING. Just like SIP based Gizmo Project being usable on the iPhone via Fring, so too it seemed was OnSip, so while this isn’t a full SIP endpoint device that gives you all the features of SIP, as a convenience to be connected to my OnSip account to place and receive calls, I was impressed.

Setting it up is easy. After downloading Fring, all you do is go in to the SIP settings and add your credentials. In a matter of seconds over WiFi you are instantly connected to the OnSip platform and I can make calls for free to others on the SIP platform anywhere as well as to my colleagues at Junction Networks.

What was really neat to me was the simplicity of it all and how it extends the reach of OnSip one more way.

Here’s a look at how easy it was to do.






So think of this as an off premise extension to your office phone, not a full blown office phone and realize that the power of SIP keeps getting more and more user friendly.

Thanks Mike, John and Rob...I like it when my life gets simpler.


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..SIP endpoint device that gives you all the features of SIP, as a convenience to be connected to my OnSip account to place and receive calls..

I have been using Fring for a couple months on my iphone (jailbreak, then official) but I cannot receive SIP calls only place them through my PBX (Zultys MX250). Is this accurate that Mike could receive SIP calls on Fring? I am curious, but I guess it isn't very useful for inbound since Fring would need to be always on and then your battery would likely last less than 1 hour..

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