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WiFI VoIP Standard Now Final

PC World reports that the long awaited 802.11r standard has been finalized and approved by the IEEE, the standards body that determines much of what goes into our personal electronics and communications equipment.

This means that finally WiFi phones can really come into their own, and that roaming between hotspots and even networks becomes much more stable and reliable.

While mostly beneficial to the Enterprise market, this is a solid step in the right direction and will benefit companies like Agito Networks, Cisco and a few others.

For consumers it means that we'll start seeing more WiFi enabled cable, FIOS and DSL modems with phone service tied to them, but with the luxury of working from house to house as people in neighborhoods mix and mingle.

In my view this can create a whole new type of personal communication's network that rides on IP, interacts with the PSTN and Cellular, but has many more IP based features that are designed specifically for localized use, but have the "smarts" to connect and roam.


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