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August 21, 2008


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Blake Cornell

If this method didn't work as desired, there are still ways to make a call from 35k+ feet.

I spoke at The Last HOPE, a 2600 conference, with Jeremy McNamara about how it can be impossible to stop VoIP calls while utilizing Asterisk's IAX protocol. If AA gets smart and blocks twitter outright, what could you do next?

The following URL has two links on the top right. The iaxPingPoker is a script that can be used to scan for IAX servers. The other being the presentation from the conference.


Interesting, and, I admit, pretty cool. However: have you considered at all that your fellow passengers on that plane might not want to hear your conversation during the flight? I just wonder where common courtesy comes into play here.


Interesting. The Aircell front page mentions VPN, so I suppose you can use your favorite soft phone via VPN too. For that matter, Skype, etc. should all work too assuming you use the VPN as your default gateway.

It looks like only selected American, Delta and Virgin America flights offer this service so far.


I must admit, this is a huge leap. Great find. And I'm happy it worked through Flash :-) (Being a flex developer myself).

So I assume, Ribbit also works.

Yusuf Motiwala

>> So, if you want to talk in the air, just Phweet.

Or TringMe - flash backbone of Phweet!!!

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