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Is AT&T Having Network Issues, Did Apple Make More Changes or is It Google?

All of a sudden, over the last 24 hours, once again, GMAIL is not working on the iPhone via the native Mail app. The problem is IMAP authentication and its not fun.

The last time this happened, it was a Google change to the authentication process, and it impacted the PAID Google APPS mail accounts with a hosted domain. But I've also been unable to access Twitter via any of the iPhone apps like Twinkle or Twitterific.

On the other hand, GMAIL is working perfectly on the Nokia E71-2 (North America Edition) using the new Nokia MAIL service that is in beta, as well as the native mail client. That makes me think its the Apple Mail authentication problem which previously existed on the Apple Mac Mail client.

Bottom line, something is wrong (AGAIN) with the iPhone and AT&T when it comes to passing key password data. While I think I know how to fix the issue with GMAIL, if lessons learned from the paid apps, which means changing the password to an 8 character or more mixed letters and numbers one, there has yet to be any notification to users about that.

As for the other apps, it would seem that since they require some type of authentication, that perhaps the way the password is being sent over the network may be the cause. Bottom line. It's a problem.


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