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From the Department of Stupid Is as Stupid Does-Aircell

I have to thank one of my readers who pointed out to me the fact that Aircell is already in the business of making VoIP work in the skies. It seems they are already marketing SIP based phones for the business aviation market selling against others with similar products.

They're also selling a voice ready in flight communications system and a Broadband DSL in the sky product, both of which offer voice options, the former being Satellite based Iridium and the latter being IP, meaning anything can likely work over it.

Candidly, its easy to see why the folks at Aircell are being so fast to shift the blame to American Airlines about the no VoIP "policy". If they don't it could quickly dampen their sales efforts of business aviation products because someone has lost sight of what their real story is. That of connecting the business traveling public to everyday communications technologies. Voice remains one of those and is significantly important to the business jet market.

Talk about depositioning yourself. By their supplied written statements to all the bloggers and the media about No VOIP, Aircell has in effect said "we don't do VoIP" the same way some media have labeled Joanna and I "hackers."

Neither is the correct assumption, but since people these days scan, more than read, the finer points of the story will get missed.

So I find it rather funny that on one hand they are saying one thing, and on another web page, promoting the exact opposite. Talk about working in world of business prevention, versus working anywhere, to me it seems they clearly are.


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