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The Wall Street Journal has a story on Webcams being used in inventive ways. One is to keep an eye on a person's vacation home, another is tied to a home alarm system.

I've been doing something like that with the auto-answer feature of SightSpeed during the never ending phase of my house's reconstruction. I simply left SightSpeed running on my living room Windows Media Center and as long as the contractors don't turn power off to the house I've been able to keep an eye on the wall that will eventually become a door and lead to a new exterior deck.


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David S

I'm the CEO of Rogo.com,
one of the companies mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article.

Sightspeed is a great work around for a webcam surveillance system, giving you a live view. But with the Rogo.com application you will be able go record what is happening and review it later, that is you don't have to watch live to see what the contractors are doing.

In addition it Rogo will let you see it all (both current and historical views) from any web enabled cell phone in addition to a browser.

We find that many people find this additional functionality is worth the $10.95 the basic rogo.com service cost.

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