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DisneyWorld Does It Right When It Comes To Broadband

The Magic Kingdom, at Walt DisneyWorld really has their act together in so many ways, none the least is the experience when it comes to broadband.

Over the past few days I've been here my in room experience has been nothing less than amazing. Zero latency, pristine call quality, video calls like I'm sitting next to the person over SightSpeed, SIP calls using EyeBeam have saved the day.


Because cell service on Disney World is horrible.

So because I use services like PhoneFusion and GrandCentral I can point my inbound calls to just about anywhere. And that's what I did. EyeBeam or Skype would ring, and the call would happen just like I was at my desk in my office.

The whole idea of Working Anywhere is about doing just that. While the house is undergoing renovations, being on the road is no as hard as it used to be.

Next stop..San Diego.

Playing Around With EyeBeam And Jazinga

This is an audio sample file of my using CounterPath's Eyebeam on my recently restored to brand spankin' new condition by the Apple store here in Orlando.

After I reinstalled Eyebeam and configured my SIP credentials from client Jazinga's PBX in A Box service that requires no IT guy to manage it, and called my GrandCentral number.

The whole process took less than a few minutes.

Below is the audio file, uploaded to and posted via Hipcast.

Blogging In Plain Sight

Pat Phelan has a post that brings to light something which is a growing concern. Bloggers being paid to blog about a company or product.

I know personally that he agonized over writing this post but in his mind it had to be done.

As a blogger and agency owner who works with bloggers I do my best to disclose clients in my posts, and to the bloggers with whom we interact with. I even mention clients as clients when I speak at events, and go the extra mile to be tranparent. This approach, which I chose some time ago, is even more transparent than the way many of the analysts firms operate, as you never know who is their client or not. While we don't publish our client list, its not hard to figure out who is "Andy's client." Simply look at who I call client in my post.

I give Pat a big pat on the back and standing tall on this matter.

Is Unified Communications Really Here?

Having just sat on a panel with some of the biggest players in the unified communications game in London, at the recent ISTPA conference there, I can safely say that when the likes of Microsoft, Siemens, Nortel and others are involved the business is really alive and happening.

Ken Camp is taking up the fight and saying it is and it has been here for a very long time, and this Monday, Ken and the loverly Sheryl, will take their case to the airwaves on their monthly Stardust Internet Radio Broadcast.

PhoneBoy @ GIGAOM--Show Me The Money

PhoneBoy and I have been friends for a while. Dameon is one of the VoIP Bloggers who both gets it, and is easy to talk to, fun to bounce ideas off of, and most of all far more of a geek/techie/wonk/boffin than I'll ever be (those are all terms of respect too in my book these days.)

He recently joined GigaOm as part of the expansion efforts that are happening over there and has penned a killer piece about Voice Applications and where the money is and isn't.

One of the golden rules I have is that it's not about selling in, but selling through. Dameon is bringing up that point in a similar way. Basically what he's saying is that it's one thing to have API's, it's another to build application and its another to have actual customers using the applications.

VoIP Supply and

I've always liked the model of, that being to sell service everywhere by working in the middle of the broadband carriers, and giving the customer a single point of contact, much like another company that was previously the best at the same thing, Speakeasy.

By teaming up, VoIP Supply and, can offer a pick, pack and ship, solution for customers that gives the buyer a one stop source for the devices, services and network access.

I expect to see more of this from players in the IP trunking and SIP network space over the coming year, especially as more small to mid size businesses turn their attention to what VoIP can really do to lower costs, not simply the price per minute.