VON Community Gets a Gathering Spot
Verizon Makes You Think It's 1984

WiFi Up, WiFi Down

Earthlink is bagging it in Philadelphia and wants to take their equipment home. Damn carpetbaggers. But, I recall saying at a past MuniWiFi event that given what I know about the politicians in my home town I'm not surprised at the deal that was done and the problems that are arising from it.

If there's one thing I've learned in life it's you can't fight City Hall, and when you toss in telco influence on City Hall, you really can't fight them at all, as this is the result. The telco's have figured out how to keep City Hall on their side and despite all the good that Muni WiFi could bring, there has never really been buy in across the board.

Now here's an interesting idea on how to do WiFi from TelAlaska. Make the local businesses supply it. Funny thing, my good friend in the industry Esme Vos had the same idea.

Update-Om refers to MuniWireless and WiFi Net News posts about MetroFi going, going, gawn.


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