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RIM Admits Apple's A Threat

The New York Time's Brad Stone has a very interesting Sunday story about RIM (Research In Motion) communicating how much the iPhone is a threat to RIM today.

What I'm finding interesting is how the world of mobile phones is really shifting to "smarter phones." If you look at who is on the decline in the USA, Motorola is no longer the powerhouse they once were, losing market share to everyone in every direction. On the CDMA side of the fence LG and Samsung have gobbled up the bottom. HTC and RIM have really carved into the Smartphone market. On the GSM side of the house client Nokia, Sony Ericsson and others are their enemy, and of course RIM pretty much has the Enterprise market or did.

Now Apple is entering the fray with the ultra cool iPhone. For most people who don't send lengthy emails, it is hard to not enjoy so the market is really there at the start for Apple, once 3G comes to the iPhone 2, or will that be 3? Geee. I wonder.


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It is not going to be anything close to what NYT will like to believe. RIM is a smart co, and it will fend off the challenge well.

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