AT&T Rank And File To Be Trimmed, Shuffled
Boxbe--I'll Pass

Mr. Blog About Skype

David has some choice insight about Skype and eBay.

Here's my take.

1) The ebay leadership of old all screwed the pooch. They applied pre 1.0 mentality to a post 2.0 company. (deduct 5 billion points)

2) The new eBay leadership is saying to the current crop of Skype executives (is this version 5 or 6?) sink or swim. (add back 1.3 billion points due to write down)

3) Selling Skype to some company with more money than God (Vodafone or 3 comes to mind) will get back another 1.5 billion (add back 1.5 billion)

Net Net--no earn out, eBay breaks even on paper....



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