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Mobivox Garners Alec's Attention

Alec Saunders who run agency client iotum, has a very crisp post today about another client, Mobivox and their new features. The one I am personally most excited about is Send Message.

Speech to text is getting much better. With SpinVox, SimulScribe both charging hard in the space to go after carrier deck type business, while selling direct as well, there will be a lot of heat in this area in the coming months. CallWave has also entered the fray with Fuze, a new Unified Communications play.

What I like about both the Mobivox and Callwave plays vs. the one trick ponies of Simulscribe and SpinVox is the costs to the end user will be lower, and you're using one interface not many. In the case of Mobivox it's simply your voice, while CallWave's Fuze is a very slick web interface.

We continue to see convergence occur, but instead of the it being networks or devices, we're seeing services converge more rapidly than ever before. This is good for the end user, as pricing will only come down as service providers can bundle high value, low cost features, with higher margin services to take a larger cut of the wallet.


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Finally I can Text with my fat fingers!

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