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Catching Up With Mr. Bubbles

My wife Helene calls Dean Bubley, bubbles. More because he's rather cheerful, upbeat and a happy sort, and really when you think about it, one of the more outgoing and sociable analysts out there. Dean also one of the "regular" dining companions when I'm in London and to be that there needs to be the ability to have a conversation.

Anyway, last week at Telco 2.0 Dean was sharing his thoughts over dinner about Fring, and their iPhone efforts. He also had some thoughts about client Truphone's latest, and very large, fund-raising round.


UPDATE--It seems Mr. MaxRoam, Pat Phelan has a different perspective on the FRING move to jailbreak the iPhone.

My take...Fring did this to get some attention, and candidly with the move they appear to be a company looking for an exit or looking to get to the next round of funding. This is one way to get attention. But remember,it's been proven before that attention could be gotten without a product release before simply by showing it could be done.


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