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Boast, Don't Ghost

When we first originated the concept of blogger relations programs for our clients at Comunicano, beginning with Popular Telephony, then a few others, followed by our real breakout program, the Nokia Blogger Relations program, one of the challenges was explaining why there wouldn't be ghost blogging.

Well, now some four years later, the reality seems to be hitting others too as more and more light is being shed on the fact that some top blogs are really not written by the people you think they are, even when the comment in the post clearly points out an April Fool's Day prank.

The reality is simply this. Some blogs are not written by those whose name is on the post.

Candidly I've turned down some very interesting (read lucrative) offers, and had some very deep heart to heart talks with friends in various places who wanted me to "blog" for them. I passed, because its all about integrity.


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