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What's New In Andy's Bag of Devices?

I've become hooked on the Amazon Kindle. I'm actually reading more, scanning less and finding that my mega fast reading and comprehension capabilities that I always had (I was tested in 3rd grade to be able to comprehend a college master's degree text book) have never left me. What's more the form factor is such that when you use the Amazon "book" jacket that no one asks you to "turn it off" when you're on the airplane, though I do turn off the CDMA radio that works over the WhisperNet that Amazon, Qualcomm (yes Qualcomm) and Sprint assembled.

The Kindle is long lasting. I'm getting three to four days of life with it turned on, and it downloads fast. Books download under a minute and I can even load in MP3 files via an SD card or USB cable to listen to music. That makes me think we're looking at the next iPod and that Amazon will be a Music powerhouse.

While it has a Web browser and works with Google Mail and such, I wouldn't use it for more than that just yet. That said, I do see all kinds of business uses for it.

The second device I'm very happy with is the Iqua Sun Bluetooth Headset. It's very "Green" and doesn't ever need to be recharged. Well, sort of. Basically it has a built in solar panel that even incandescent and ambient light provides. Think of it as the "always charged" headset for the "always on" generation.

But the main reason I like it is the fact that it has exceptional noise canceling, superb acoustics and best of all, isn't as obtrusively visible as the highly regarded, but almost Borg like looking Jawbone. Honestly, I can't hear any difference.


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