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Humbled and Elated

Sad News, Sorry News About VON

I'm saddened by this report.

If anyone thinks this is good news they're wrong. It's not.

While I've made an attempt to reach Pulver Media representatives for comment so far at 1115 PM EDT, no response after more than two hours.

I know Jeff well enough that he has more on his mind than to talk to me in a moment like this, so I won't bother him. But I will publicly offer him my support, as I hope the industry will if he needs it, just like I did for Lee Dryburgh and eComm.


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This is bad news, indeed. Running a publication AND a conference business successfully is no small feat. Hopefully, the closing of VON's doors is only temporary.


I am saddened by this news, too, and hope it is not true. Running a publication and events business is no small feat. This is a competitive industry and it is a shame the economy caused VON to have to close its doors. Hopefully that will only be temporary.

Daniel Raffel

Indeed, this is bad news for a ton of folks. VON, and Jeff specifically, has been a pivotal part of connecting so many people (no pun intended). I hope this isn't true and I wish Jeff the best right now.

Phil Wolff

Could VON be reincarnated as a conference-only event? If the tradeshow part is losing money at its current scale, could the f2f/conversation part still thrive?

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