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Russell Shaw R.I.P.

It is with the most profound sadness that I have to report the the untimely passing of Russell Shaw, a blogger, journalist and friend.

Russell passed away suddenly in his hotel room in San Jose Thursday night or early Friday morning. According to his girlfriend whom I spoke with after being advised of Russell's unexpected death by CNET Editor in Chief, Dan Farber just moments ago.

Russell was best known for his BlackBerry blog that he was often the most proud of and his work with ZD Net where he blogged on all things Telecom.

According to Ellen, Russell had been suffering a very bad cold for a few days and been traveling across the USA. She spoke to him the night before and they were discussing how he could return back to Portland. He was found by the hotel housekeeper when he didn't answer his door after check out time on Friday, having traveled to Silcon Valley to attend eComm.

I know all of us in the VoIP world will miss his style, wit and friendly manner.

Rest In Peace, Russell, from all of us.

Update: Dan Farber, Editor in Chief of CNET, and Russell's former editor at ZD-Net adds his thoughts.

Update 2: Om Malik has his thoughts as does Larry Dignan of ZD-Net.

Update 3: Last night Thomas Howe, Jim Courtney, Truphone's James Body, my wife Helene and Lee Dryburgh paid our respect to Russell in a local eater over a bottle of wine. One of the comments Russell's lady friend Ellen said to me when I spoke to her was how "Russell always came home talking about the wine dinner you organize." Somehow this year's won't be the same. Russ was always one of the first to ask me about them and I know he was planning to attend this coming week's dinner.


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This is devastating. It's well known that Russell was amazing at his job and loving doing it. He always took time to offer his advice and want to catch up life at the several conferences a year where I saw him. Russell is missed and loved by many and the world is sorely missing a smart, thoughtful and dedicated man.

Lee Dryburgh

I am gutted. I liked his coverage and articles and since I invited him I can not help but wonder if I never invited him, he would still be here. I know it's the wrong way to think about it, but I can not help but wonder.


Andy, Russ, also, wrote with us at Mobile Messaging 2.0.

This is terribly sad news. I saw the C|Net announcement first, and thank you for posting the circumstances of Russ' passing.

I am stunned. Russ will be missed by many, many people including his colleagues at MM2.

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