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CallWave to Roll Out Fuze-Mobile Video and More

Callwave is one of those companies which has a lot going, and doesn't get the respect it deserves.

According to a news release yesterday, March 27, on their Investor Relations site, the Santa Barbara company has plans to showcase a new service called Fuze during CTIA next week.

FUZE integrates in an intuitive interface powerful new features such as high-definition video collaboration with high-definition audio conferencing, local and long distance Internet calling, speech-to-text transcription, Internet fax, visual voicemail, SMS, instant messaging, and more. Users save time and money because there is little to no learning curve and, since FUZE is browser-based, there is no software to download or special equipment required.

The two things that interest me the most are the High Definition audio conferencing and the high-definition video collaboration.


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I signed up for a free trial of Callwave online fax in March, 2008 (free if cancelled during trial period). The fax number they assigned me would not answer one day (Sunday), so I cancelled. They told me I would receive a credit of the charges on my credit card. I assumed this would happen, so didn't verify.
On May 15, I noticed the $22.95 charge was never credited. I called them, explained what had happened, and they told me they would issue a credit. I checked the next day and the credit was not showing. I called them again and they said the credit was issued, and it would show on my statement in 1-2 billing cycles. I explained I can check online, and it wasn't showing. I asked for a supervisor, but he was busy. I asked for him to call me, and he said okay. By the same time the next day he hadn't called. I called my credit card company, and they said there was no credit, and no transactions were pending. I called Callwave again, and went through the same thing again. I called again the next day, and finally was able to get a supervisor. He said the credit would issue on CALLWAVES END in 1-2 billing cycles, so in the meantime they would be earning interest on my money, as it's in their account. I told them this was not acceptable, and I was going to post my experience with them on the internet ... I wonder if what they are doing is even legal. (I still haven't received the refund.)

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