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MaxRoam Makes Improvements

When I was Europe and the UK, Israel and Spain recently I was carrying a few devices, my local SIM equipped Nokia N95, the 3SkypePhone (UK) and my Nokia E61i with a MaxRoam SIM.

Back in December during Les Web pal Pat Phelan had slipped me a MaxRoam SIM. When I went to Spain I added some credits, grabbed a Spanish number and used the service a lot for international calls, while using my Spanish SIM equipped phone to receive calls that were going to it from a combination of call routing I had set up using both GrandCentral and Junction Networks's OnSip platform's forwarding features..

With MaxRoam and my USA number, I can point the calls to the USA number, and they roam to whatever number I have active as the MaxRoam SIM carries multiple country numbers. That saves a few steps for me. It also saves me a lot of money, plus the ability to top up over the net means I'm never far away from a recharge. Now it seems Pat and his pals have taken some steps to improve what is already a great service and made it better. As they have added full real time billing, had their local number list expanded, applied reductions on cost on local numbers, added free call forwarding of your MAXroam numbers- zero cost roaming and now provide the ability to send a global SMS from your MAXroam account for only 5c.

Pat also reports that:

· Sales are 120% over targets for first Qtr.

· 5 new global carriers interconnected

· Connectivity running at 81% for QTR

· Full customer service hub opened

· Large upgrades planned for next two Qtr’s

You can see more from Pat on his blog.


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