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Mobivox Gets Scobalized at CES

Robert Scoble caught up with client Mobivox and their COO Nitzan Shaer at CES last week and gets the low down on Mobivox's breakthrough calling service where calls between users are free regardless of phone, be it landline, mobile or even an older rotary dial phone. One of Mobivox's unique features is the ability to for users to call Skype buddies from any phone once the users Skype Buddy List has been added by them.

The whole process is very simple, easy to use and super cost efficient as Nitzan explained in the interview with our pal Robert.

How Digium Is Screwing Up

Digium is company that may have made the biggest mistake they ever could have and clearly need some crisis management help.

Their reputation is now at risk and at a time when belief in Asterisk at an all time high, and with all kinds of developers and VoIP suppliers proudly using Asterisk pulling this "protectionist" stunt involving Google is very harmful, despite the rationale of seeking to protect the trademark.

FlatPlanet's Moshe Maeir brought this to my attention a few days ago, but being down with the flu and an all day meeting yesterday, I felt I needed to get more insight. After reading Moshe's blog and Facebook page its obvious the already fickle developer community isn't loving Digium the way they used to.

If Digium doesn't take steps to shore up their now soured relationships they won't ever reach their big dream days.

UPDATE-DIGIUM has backed off and has issued a statement.

RingFree Coming out of Stealth

I had a chance to see RingFree in action at MacWorld this week. The application is simple to use, easy to set up and it just works.

Since I have a PhoneGnome in the house I can now expand what that lets me do, and get greater use out of PhoneGnome's capability to make low cost VoIP based International calling. Since I can add pretty much any provider including client Voxalot as well as using my SIP credentials from another client, Junction Networks.

Since the interface is web based there's no hacking involved from what I can tell. This is something Apple and AT&T can't complain about. It drives the use of in plan minutes, and uses the VoIP provider to handle the long distance. For AT&T iPhone users this is really meaningful for International calling, plus for masking your mobile number.

T-Mobile Bolstering Web Access Options in UK

In what can be seen likely as way T-Mobile will play in the USA when they get their 3G up and running this year, over in the UK T-Mobile just added free hotspot access to their Web N' Walk 3G service offering, and in essence, have created a WiFi/3G bundle. This is the first I've heard of any mobile operator creating this type of offer and shows a keen sense of understanding that there is a market which always wants to stay connected.

It also lets me think that there may be a forthcoming 3G/WiFi Voice play coming from them that builds upon the T-Mobile@Home play that they are already offering in the USA.

I have used the Web N'Walk service on a pay as you go/pre-paid customer and like it.