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Bite Your Lip Ribbit, Erik's Got His Game Face On

Long time friend and pretty much all around VoIP inventive smart guy Erik Lagerway has taken the gloves off, grabbed the Ribbit guys by the jersey and just given them a pounding. You see, he's dared to tell the emperor what no one else has dared say, and didn't shy away from what the facts are.

His post today is great for a few reasons.

1) He positioned Lypp as something different than Ribbit

2) He put them in a place where they are now looked at as just another softphone company

3) He basically said that the market they are playing in is fraught with peril, while Lypp is skating on much more solid ice.

In Erik's words to me as we chatted he felt that "Ribbit is another softphone, best efforts voip is not a good solution for any business and that lypp was built to deliver critical telephony for business

with conference calling as a first play."

I'd say, GAME ON!

I'll be seeing Don Thorson at DEMO this week, so I'll get the Ribbit side of the story.

Now where is my referee's jersey?


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