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AT&T To Include VoIP in UVerse

What is not any kind of surprise, AT&T is utilizing what is the core of CallVantage, their stand alone VoIP platform within the converged next generation UVerse platform that features IPTV and Wireless services. That's if you belive Network World's account.

But my sources tell me that AT&T is not repackaging CallVantage as a U-verse product, and that it is a different product, something the NWW post stops short of saying that they are the same.

Remember CallVantage is a "best-effort"(i.e. Vonage) voice application that uses any Internet service. U-verse Voice is a fully-managed offering over the AT&T U-verse IP platform and IMS.

CallVantage will continue to be offered as a standalone product, but then again so will PSTN....

I guess this gives a new meaning to triple-play?

Update-- The UVERSE VoIP service is based upon a Lucent IMS core...not even close to the home grown CallVantage which uses a combination of Lucent, Nortel, Sonus and Sylantro, plus lots of AT&T Labs smarts...


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