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Jajah on the iPhone is Me Too To Me

I looked at Gizmodo's post about the new Jajah interface on the iPhone and yawned. It is so me too, me also. A few months back at VON Jeff Black of TalkPlus showed their iPhone client. At Demo Truphone demonstrated their idea of a real VoIP client as a proof of concept of what could be done in an unlocked iPhone world.

While I commend Jajah for creating a neat interface that does call bridging, I have to wonder when they will unleash their own VoIP service like is reportedly in the works and being tested in Japan with one of the smaller carriers. Why? Calls in Japan cost forty cents a minute, but VoIP is much less.


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Markus Göbel

Jajah + iPhone = no news
The new interface is only a mobile website. I just opened it from my Nokia E61 and several PC browsers. The HTML code looks like one day's work.

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