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I received this note today from Vonage's UK PR team which seems to on the ball. I don't normally run entire notes to me but I find this rather amusing. Why didn't Skype offer a way for the customers to keep their number by just simply asking them to pay more when the plan expired (at worst 11.x months) at best 30 day or less for an upcoming renewal?

Or did Vonage go to the underlying carrier and offer more pounds to try to get more users? Ah the intrigue a conspiracy theorist could have with this one!!

Vonage to the rescue of unhappy Skype customers

Vonage allows customers to keep the numbers that Skype is cutting off

Following Skype's decision to cut off 10,000 of its 0207 customers by 20th December, Vonage is offering all those customers the opportunity to keep their existing number, simply by moving to Vonage.

Skype’s online forum has been inundated with complaints from confused customers for whom losing their number has serious repercussions. Vonage wants these Skype customers to know that all they have to do is notify them of their wish to sign up to a standard Vonage call plan and keep their existing Skype number.

Kerry Ritz, MD Vonage UK, said, “It’s simply not good enough to treat customers like this. Skype has total disregard to the repercussions of cutting off these numbers for their customers. They don’t even supply their customers with a number to call for help.”

“At Vonage, we pride ourselves in putting the customer first and have set up a special help line for all affected Skype customers. We welcome any Skype customer who wants to retain their number by moving to us.”

For further details, Skype customers should call a specially set up Vonage free-phone helpline 0808 178 9617 as soon as possible.

Vonage call plans start from £5.99/month for unlimited calls to UK and Ireland landline calls and £7.99 for international call packages.


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