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Network World reports that the heavily awarded and much applauded telework program at AT&T is starting to see the end of its life giving a whole new meaning to the idea of industry consolidation.

Under new management and now heavily consolidated AT&T/Bell South/SBC/Cingular/AT&T Wireless will recall 12,000 employees who have been working anywhere but the office.

Now some may question this, but I don't. To telework means you have to be self motivated, intelligent and able to manage your affairs. Given the brain drain at AT&T over the past few years with almost all of the "smart" type leaving, the need for greater adult supervision obviously reached the great minds in San Antonio, TX where most of the decisions are being made now.

End result is the current team needs to be working more closely in order for the company to really gel and merge all that they are merging.

So what does this mean for the AT&T Teleworker? Well for starters no more hair cuts on week days. Forget about oil changes and car repairs, and for many who found this a great way to avoid the cost of child care, you better get those ads out on criagslist very quickly, especially in areas that AT&T has lots of employees who are affected.

For those that moved to nicer surroundings once they no longer had a commute, you better sell that BMW and look into a Toyota or Lexus hybrid, and also realize that sweaters and blue jeans no longer are proper attire. You'll have to make friends with your razor again and your local coffee shop owner/manager will need to change his staffing hours as the morning rush hour just got busier.


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