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October 01, 2007


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» News on Skype from Realtime Community | Unified Communications
I've been really down on Skype at times for about a year now. Today news comes of a management shakeup there. Long overdue in my mind. Long overdue. It will be interesting to see what comes next at Skype. They certainly need to be making some big chang... [Read More]

» eBay pays $530 million to buy out Skype founders - and writes down value of Skype by $900 million from Disruptive Telephony
Not necessarily a great day over at Skype today - per the eBay news release, Niklas Zennstrom stepped down as CEO, eBay paid $533 million to "settle obligations to certain Skype shareholders" and is also taking a $900 million charge [Read More]

» eBay's $2.6 Billion Bet on Skype Doesn't Pay Off from Tech Beat
eBay mystified me and many other people when it bought Skype, the Internet telephony startup eBay bought in late 2005 for $2.6 billion plus a potential $1.7 billion incentive payout. I never did quite figure out the connection to eBay's... [Read More]

» Why VoIP Innovation Died with Skype from Unbound Spiral
This post reflects on eBays stewardship of Skype, the failure of Skype to remain the innovator in VoIP, Skype Marketings failure to maintain momentum, and some challenges for the new CEO. Andy Abramson's blog woke me up to the Management... [Read More]

» eBay's Dismal Failure from Realtime Community | Unified Communications
I can't say I've been really on top of the news about Skype today. I've been reading and absorbing. Here are the stories I've read Andy Abramson - Management Shake Up At Skype Jon Arnold - Niklas Zennstrom Steps Down From Skype Stuart Henshall - Why Vo... [Read More]


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Michael Oeth

A proprietary protocol is rarely going to be able to advance above "hobby" status. The last line in the WSJ article states it well, that Skype has developed a following in the International community, but is generally unknown. Ebay shareholders will be best served by charging off the sale - which Ebay plans to do - and moving on.

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