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Clients Who Are Blogging-Makes My Heart Go Pitter Patter

I'm happier each day when I see the progress so many of my agency's clients are making when it comes to blogging.

Alec Saunders clearly has been at this the longest with his blog as has Mr. Blog-David Beckemeyer, but SightSpeed's CEO Peter Csathy, the team at Junction Networks, Thomas (Mr. Mashup) Howe, the whole Truphone clan and Vincent and Craig at Grand Central have all embraced the concept.

Blogging has given each company a chance to tell their stories in real time, and with as much detail is needed. Some choose to write mostly about their own exploits, while others write about the space they play in. Regardless of which tact they all take the key to this is that viewpoints are getting to the public faster now than ever before, and for that reason blogging clearly is making it better for the end user because when it comes to audience and numbers in the blogosphere "its not how many, its who," I always like to say.

Blog On!


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