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Apple Leopard and SIP--Not Happening

SIP and Leopard are like oil and water as of the general release version of the new Apple OS dubbed Leopard.

After years of peaceful coexistence with the VoIP world the new OS and SIP based applications that I'm using on my Mac Book Pro Core 2 Duo just aren't working.

No EyeBeam

No GizmoProject

No SightSpeed

In an email exchange with SightSpeed's Aron Rosenberg everything was working fine through the final release candidate.

A CounterPath support person tells me the issue with EyeBeam is known and a fix is in the offing, in the next version.

I'm waiting to track down either Michael Robertson or Jason Droege of SIPPhone about Gizmo Project for their take.

Om told me by phone that he saw this problem with the Developer's versions, but all it took was reinstalling the software...No joy. Tried that and had zero success.

Oh, Skype works fine, which leads me to believe its a SIP related issue, likely tied to STUN or ICE. Hopefully one of the more technical types like Ted Wallingford can help unravel this mystery, as he is Mr. MacVoIP or Erik Lagerway of SipThat and now Lypp, as he's been a Mac SIPPER longer than me.

Update-It looks like this was a known issue for EyeBeam for some time and they have been working on a fix. My sources tell me it is in QA. How the heck can this not have been known to Apple's or if it was, why wasn't it fixed before the GA release. It appears things were working fine up to a point but with a new build the socket issue arose so something changed in the final release version.

Update #2 Derek Jacobs of CounterPath tells me "We were working on a patch for the Leopard issue and do have something ready. It did not get applied to the upcoming release until Friday, which is why the holdup. We are now running it through QA. If no additional problems are found with Leopard, then we’ll release the updated version as planned."

Update #3 One of the Gizmo Mac engineers forward me a link that shows they too are working on a fix. They even have a beta out now.

Update #4 I can report that the Gizmo client has loaded on my Mac Book Pro. Hats off to Michael, Jason and their team for moving so fast...and just in time for VON.

Update # 5 SightSpeed's Aron Rosenberg gets a gold star. On his day off, with a major release of a new product next week looming, he came into the office and fixed the Leopard's issues. He let me know "Build 6097 for Mac has passed QA and been posted live which fixes the Leopard issue. Download via our website."


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Matthew Burrell

That's awesome that sitespeed actually came into your office to fix the issue. We had a similar VoIP issue with sitespeed and ended up having to use a professional conferencing room at whygo in Collins St. But I wish sitespeed came to fix out issue instead so we didn't have to fork out all that money haha.

Andy Abramson

Yes, Irwin. I'm aware of that. The issue here was one of socket kernels not working properly and affecting third party RTC applications that all use SIP.

Irwin Lazar

Hi Andy, FWIW, Apple has supported SIP in its OS for some time. iChatAV is fully SIP based.


Hi Andy,
Gizmo Project is working on Leopard. A forum release was done yesterday before the official Leopard launch. Available Here:

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